Raise the bar for the entire industry while realizing growth that positively affects unparalleled experience for our clientele. 

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Provide absolutely superb service by employing the simple virtues of forthrightness and diligence. 

Brief history

Born out of aggravation for the typical. The only way to truly provide the level of service and quality was to forge our own path. To that end, GAT Consulting Services, Inc. was started in the first quarter of 2014. In short time, there was more demand than we could supply. Strategic partners now stabilize our growth.


The president of GAT Consulting Services has experienced Cerner as an employee, as an analyst for a large healthcare organization, as a consultant, and finally as a business owner affording a well versed and comprehensive perspective.

Customer service

Take great pride in offering superb customer service and offering extremely flexible engagements. 

"Do you know who ultimately pays your bills? It's the person sitting beside you at the client site that you're helping. Treat them that way."

- Geoff Turner, President GAT Consulting Services, Inc.

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships with some of the largest healthcare IT consulting firms in the US that allows us to offer any level of service.

Our business strategy

Out compete. If our level of service and quality forces others to raise their bar, then the entire industry will improve -- and that's a good thing.